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Where is the large slag vertical mill of Jidong machinery?

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Where is the large slag vertical mill of Jidong machinery?

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Jidong Machinery as a large vertical mill manufacturer, its products cover a number of fields, large slag vertical mill is the leading ranks in China, the following we for Jidong Machinery production of large slag vertical mill in detail.

(1) Product Description:

Slag vertical mill is a kind of equipment which adds water-quenched slag produced in blast furnace ironmaking process to cement products as active mixture after grinding alone.

(2) working principle:

The slag is fed into the mill through the central pipe. Under the action of gravity, the material falls into the center of the mill. The mill plate rotates at a constant speed to distribute the material evenly on the mill plate. Under the action of the hydraulic system, the mill plate grinds the material and crushes it. Under the action of centrifugal force, the crushed slag is thrown to the edge of the mill plate, and most of the slag is blown back to the mill plate to continue grinding under the action of high-speed gas in the wind ring. Some powdery materials rise to the separator with the high-speed gas through the mill shell. In this process, the material and hot gas are fully heat exchanged, and the water is quickly evaporated, making the remaining water less than 1%. Material that has not yet been powdered to the required requirements is selected by the separator and sent back to the grinding plate for re-grinding. Material passing through the separator enters the dust collector with gas.

(3) product characteristics:

1. It has the characteristics of high grinding efficiency, strong drying ability, low energy consumption, low noise and less dust. As long as it is used for blast furnace slag grinding in metallurgical industry and cement industry.

(2) using advanced separation technology to improve the efficiency of powder separation can save energy by 15% than that of ordinary classifier. It avoids over grinding and can be flexibly adjusted to meet the needs of the market according to the different fineness requirements of slag powder.

(3) The mill chooses the central feeding mode, feeds the newly-fed slag vertically from the center into the mill, and feeds the circulating material and the new feeding material separately into the mill, which completely solves the problem of feeding stuffing and improves the operation rate of the product.

The unique rocker arm structure can effectively improve the impact resistance of the rocker arm, so as to ensure the stability and safety of the rocker arm under frequent impact loads.

_The surface grinding disc and conical grinding roll are used in the grinding, and the linear speed of the inside and outside of the grinding roll tends to be equal, thus effectively reducing the uneven wear of the grinding roll and prolonging the service life of the roller sleeve.

_The configuration of main roller and auxiliary roller is 2+2/3+3, auxiliary roller auxiliary material is pre-compressed and exhausted to make the material layer form a solid material bed; the main roller, supported by hydraulic system, carries out high-pressure grinding on the formed material bed, this configuration can greatly meet the requirements of high specific surface area grinding efficiency.

(4) specifications and technical parameters

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