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What aspects should be paid attention to when choosing a large slag vertical mill?

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What aspects should be paid attention to when choosing a large slag vertical mill?

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With the development of slag vertical mill, friends who have used large-scale slag vertical mill know that large-scale slag vertical mill greatly enhances the production efficiency of various industries. Large-scale slag vertical mill is not only easy to operate, but also has incomparable advantages compared with other similar products, so large-scale slag vertical mill will be so in today's market. Be well received. What aspects should I pay attention to when choosing the slag mill? Suitable for their own slag vertical mill is a good slag vertical mill. Suitable for their own slag vertical mill to have good quality and suitable for their own production situation. Choosing suitable for their own slag vertical mill has many points to pay attention to. Specific matters are as follows:

1 Pay attention to the domestic production line preferential selection of domestic slag vertical mill and reducer, relevant experts through several large slag vertical mills with 5000t/d cement clinker production line matching with the use of domestic reducer proved: domestic slag vertical mill and reducer design, manufacturing technology is basically mature, can meet 5000t/d cement clinker The production line needs shorter supply period and lower price. Instead of importing, it has more advantages and is more suitable for domestic production.

2. Attention should be paid to comparing whether the structure of slag vertical mill is reasonable, whether the maintenance and maintenance are convenient, whether the technical and economic indicators are advanced, whether the after-sales service is guaranteed, whether the operation cost is low, whether the supplier has strong R&D ability and technical renewal ability, etc. These need users to conduct field visits, and in-depth and meticulous research, can not only look at the size of enterprises and advertising.

3. attention should be paid to the selection of suitable slag vertical mill parts. Imported famous brands of slag vertical mill components are beneficial to improve the reliability of equipment, but also from the overhaul, maintenance, spare parts assurance and cost analysis, for slag vertical mill main reducer, roller bearings and other expensive components, it is recommended to use domestic equipment, because compared with domestic equipment Slag vertical mill parts have higher cost performance and are more convenient for use and maintenance.

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