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The cement mill supplier tells you what are the common failures of cement mill.

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The cement mill supplier tells you what are the common failures of cement mill.

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Many cement manufacturers are in urgent need of large-scale grinding equipment to improve the efficiency and quality of cement production. Cement vertical mill has a very efficient production efficiency, but also can reduce energy consumption, reduce production costs. The structure of vertical cement grinding equipment is more complex, and the wear degree of related parts in operation is larger, which is easy to cause a series of faults, resulting in the equipment can not be used normally.

Today, Xiaobian and cement vertical mill suppliers were discussed, summed up a few common cement vertical mill failure and discharge methods, which is the cement vertical mill suppliers to share oh.

(1) nitrogen balloon damage. Cement vertical mill equipment uses hydraulic device to adjust loading pressure to complete powder production. The accumulator of hydraulic system not only realizes the necessary energy storage work, but also plays the role of preserving pressure and reducing vibration. Nitrogen balloon in accumulator acts as pressure conduction and has buffer effect on hydraulic system. If the cement vertical mill equipment is unstable and its shrinkage frequency is too fast, it may lead to the damage of nitrogen balloon and the leakage of nitrogen in the equipment, which not only affects the work of the equipment, but also may cause safety accidents because of the explosive nature of nitrogen. Endangering the safety of workers. Practice has proved that the vibration of mill can be effectively reduced by increasing the number of accumulator reasonably.

(2) oil seal is damaged. During the working process of cement vertical mill equipment, a large amount of dust will be produced, and these dust will enter the equipment. After years of accumulation, the ventilation of the equipment will be blocked. If external is blocked, the wind pressure inside the vertical mill will be reduced. In this case, if the equipment stops working or when the equipment is put into the raw materials, due to the reduction of wind pressure, the phenomenon of drawing wind inside the equipment is formed. Due to the instability of the internal wind pressure, the external dust is absorbed into the vertical mill equipment, causing damage to the equipment bearing, damage to the oil package, resulting in oil leakage problems.

(3) breakdown of roller pressure. Hydraulic system of vertical cement mill is the key of the whole equipment, and it is also a very easy part of the problem. In addition to nitrogen balloon damage, it is also prone to roll fault. The most common roll failure is the pressure problem, resulting in many reasons for this problem, equipment inspection should be carefully and carefully. First check whether the system pressure is normal, whether the system has leakage, followed by valve problems, the main valve is the oil cut-off valve, problems will lead to pressure leakage, affecting the pressure. In addition, oil pipelines, relief valves, filters, coolers and other checks to avoid foreign matter blockage, resulting in unobstructed pipelines.

(4) hydraulic leakage. Hydraulic system needs a lot of oil to ensure normal operation. Oil leakage in hydraulic system is a common problem of cement vertical mill equipment. The main reasons are: after long-term operation of the equipment, oil pipe or seal aging causes leakage; poor quality of equipment oil. Impurities enter the equipment, causing damage to the sealing layer of the equipment and leakage of oil; in the process of equipment operation, external objects may enter the equipment through the joystick and so on.

Internally, under the action of the joystick, it destroys the surface of the equipment and causes oil leakage.

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