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The discipline inspection of the party and the masses

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Jidong machinery carries out a series of educational activities against corruption and building a clean government.

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Jidong machinery carries out a series of educational activities against corruption and building a clean government.

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In order to implement the spirit of the second working meeting of Jinyu Group and Jidong Development Group in 2018 and the speech of Jiang Deyi, Secretary of the Party Committee and chairman of Jinyu Group, to deepen the construction of discipline and style of work, to strengthen the sense of discipline, discipline and red line of the broad masses of Party members and cadres and staff, and to effectively implement the comprehensive and strict administration of the Party Subject responsibility, further strengthen anti-corruption education work, Jidong Machinery Discipline Inspection Commission formulated and issued the "on the implementation of anti-corruption and clean education activities program."

Firstly, the implementation plan makes it clear that we should strengthen the honest and clean government education for the leaders, middle-level cadres, key departments and key positions of the company, guide them to clarify their duties, recognize the power risks, strengthen the awareness of honest and clean government, strengthen the ability to resist risks, build a strong ideological and moral defense, and effectively prevent corruption from the source. We should focus on building a clean and honest cadre team. Secondly, the scope of educational personnel is determined, including leading cadres, middle-level cadres and key positions in important departments. Activities will be carried out from five aspects, one is to strengthen daily clean government education. Put the education of Party rules and discipline and the education of Party conduct and honesty into the important contents of the central group of the leading group and the daily study of the Party members, so as to promote the regularity and normalization of the study education. On the basis of self-study, the central members of the Party Committee insist on centralized study quarterly; secondly, publicize and educate the Constitution and the Supervisory Law. The party and the discipline inspection and supervision department organize the knowledge answering activities together; the three is to make important points to remind us of education. Before and after the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day, special lectures will be organized, leading Party members and key personnel in key positions will be organized to study and implement the Eight Provisions of the Central Committee and the revised implementation rules. Fourth, the construction of a clean culture in enterprises will be promoted. The company unifies the production of clean government cultural brand, in-depth development of clean culture "into the team, into the post, into the factory, into the project, into the family" activities, education and guidance of cadres and staff to strengthen moral cultivation, strict compliance with discipline, consciously clean performance, and jointly create a good cultural atmosphere of clean air; 5 is to carry out warning education. To organize and watch the "Beijing Zhengfeng Suji Education Film" and carry out warning education activities with typical negative cases to touch the minds and hearts of cadres and workers with vivid examples, to form the consciousness of not wanting to corrupt, and to build a strong line of ideological defense against corruption.

The Jidong Machinery Discipline Inspection Commission will follow the implementation plan and carry out a series of anti-corruption and honest education activities so as to raise the awareness of rules, discipline and red-ray of the Party members and cadres and staff, stress rules and establish a healthy atmosphere with a clean atmosphere.

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