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Jidong machinery organization new recruits technical training

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Jidong machinery organization new recruits technical training

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In order to cooperate with the company's development strategy, strengthen the talent reserve, and rapidly upgrade the technical level of new employees, the Technical Department took the lead in organizing technical training, which was held every Wednesday afternoon in July and August.

The training was taught by Mi Haitao, Deputy Engineer of the company. It mainly includes the introduction of crusher products, pipe mill products, rotary kiln products, vertical mill products, cement production ancillary equipment introduction - conveyor equipment (elevator, belt conveyor, etc.), cement production ancillary equipment introduction - other equipment (preheating, harvesting) Dust and so on. In order to organize this training, Deputy Engineer Mi Haitao consulted a lot of information, according to the actual situation of our company scientifically worked out the teaching plan and progress, carefully prepared courseware for everyone. Relying on his own superb technical level and rich design and management experience, he gave a comprehensive explanation of our company's product classification, technical principles, product design and other aspects, and introduced the international related product industry dynamics, so that the trainer laid a solid theoretical foundation for product design. During the training period, the HR Department sends special personnel to carry out daily management, do a good job in attendance, classroom discipline management, timely understanding of the students'ideological trends and learning situation, and actively cooperate with the teachers to do a good job in teaching, to ensure the smooth completion of the training task.

Through training, we have rapidly improved the professional skills and working ability of the new employees in our company, made the trainees have a certain understanding of the company's product and technical design, and have a certain understanding of the main products designed by the company. Everyone said that we should constantly enrich their knowledge and skills, and give full play to their potential abilities. Efforts to understand the company, into Jidong machinery family.

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