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Machine shop to ensure safety, quality and progress, and strive for advanced labor competition.

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Machine shop to ensure safety, quality and progress, and strive for advanced labor competition.

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In the second half of the year, the delivery time of complete equipment and spare parts is relatively concentrated. In order to ensure the performance of the contract and fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the workers, the manufacturing center has launched a labor competition of "fighting hard for the third quarter, security, quality, progress and advance". A competition working group was set up and three competition objectives were determined. Firstly, all production arrangements were resolutely completed, the time limit was guaranteed, and the quality objectives were strictly controlled. Secondly, the quality of products was guaranteed while the process was improved, tooling was improved, machine and material were saved and the cost was reduced. Thirdly, on-site management, civilized production and safe living were ensured. The production reaches the standard. At the same time, a competition reward policy was formulated for production section, assistant and management personnel.

All the staff in the workshop are enthusiastic and actively involved in the labor competition, which is higher than the production schedule, the production quality, the production safety and the working hours. Around 18YF-5628-1 mobile crusher, 18YF-5628-2 mobile crusher, 18ZZ-403, 18ZZ-103 bearing seat, 18YF-5630-1 rotary kiln, 18YF-5631-1 coal vertical mill and other six key equipment, according to the production of raw materials into the factory order, reasonable distribution of operating time, key machine tools do not stop, leading a 24-hour shift, the implementation of duty system. At the same time, pay attention to the control of production quality, hold weekly quality meetings, improve the quality awareness of employees, combine with quality management, strictly control the quality of each process, eliminate unqualified products into the next process, to ensure a virtuous cycle of the entire production process. In the production process, the self check control of each process is strengthened, and possible problems are prevented in advance. Labor competition closely combines with the "Ankang Cup" competition organized by trade unions. It puts forward the slogan of "Safety of competition, zero accidents", strengthens the construction of team safety, emphasizes safety production before and after class, and exerts the role of labor protection supervision and inspection by trade union teams to inspect the production process and every corner of the workshop regularly. Solve hidden dangers in time. Competition is in the summer, the staff is fighting against the high temperature in the production line, and just in time to move the dormitory, workshop leaders want to employees, in order to ensure that employees work well, rest well, charged with air conditioning support, installation, commissioning and a series of logistical support issues, to ensure that workers have a comfortable living environment.

In order to create a competitive atmosphere, the workshop vigorously publicizes labor competition activities through open columns, group meetings and hanging competition slogans, and demonstrates and guides them with typical strength. During the competition, a good staff member will be commended and rewarded every month in the workshop. Through the development of labor competitions, all the staff in the workshop are full of spirit, and they are working hard in the front line of the workshop day after night with high spirits, making positive contributions to the smooth completion of production tasks.

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