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Rotary kiln

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Rotary kiln

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Detailed introduction

(1) Product description

Rotary kiln is mainly used for calcination decomposition of materials. According  to different materials, it can be widely used in building materials,  metallurgy, chemical industry, environmental protection and other  production industries.

(2) Working principle

The  rotary kiln is mainly composed of a cylinder part, a supporting device,  a transmission device, a sealing device, an inlet and outlet device,  and the like. The kiln cylinder is inclined at a  certain angle with the horizontal direction, and the pinion gear is  driven by the motor and the reducer, and the rotary kiln is driven to  rotate at a certain speed by the meshing of the pinion and the large  gear. After the material is pretreated, it is fed  from the high end and enters the rotary kiln. Due to the inclination and  rotation of the cylinder, the material is discharged from the low-end  kiln head after being tumbling, heating, decomposing and calcining in  the kiln.

(3) Specifications, technical parameters


(4) Product picture


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