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Dry coal mill

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Dry coal mill

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Detailed introduction

(1) Working principle

The  raw coal enters the mill through the feeding device, and the hot air  around 300 °C enters the mill through the air inlet pipe to dry the raw  coal. The raw coal is fully dried and passed through the  partition plate to enter the next warehouse. The warehouse is filled  with a certain amount of grinding body. During the rotation of the  cylinder, the grading lining belt brings the grinding body to a certain  height, and the impact energy and friction when using the landing will  be The raw coal is crushed and ground. At the same  time that the raw coal is crushed and ground, the milled fine powder is  taken out together with the hot air through the discharge device, and  the mixture of the powder and the hot air is separated by the separator  to obtain the fine powder. The coarse powder is sent back to the mill for re-grinding.

(2) Specifications, technical parameters


(3) Product picture


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