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Roller Press

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Roller Press

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Detailed introduction

(1) Product description

Roller press is a new type of high efficiency and energy saving crushing equipment. It  is mainly used in the pre-grinding system of the mill. It has a simple  mechanism, convenient disassembly and assembly, and easy maintenance. Changing  the traditional grinding system and grinding mechanism can greatly  increase the mill output, reduce power consumption, and considerable  economic benefits.

(2) Working principle

The  roller press is designed according to the principle of material bed  grinding. The roller press consists of two pressing rolls that rotate  synchronously in opposite directions, one is a fixed roller and the  other is a movable roller. The material is divided  into three stages through the grinding roller: dense material filling,  laminating pulverizing, and agglomeration discharging stage. The  material is fed from above the two rolls, and is continuously carried  into the roll by the squeeze roller. After being subjected to a high  pressure of 100-150 MPa, the compact cake is discharged from the  machine. The discharged cake, except for a certain proportion of fine finished products. In  the interior of the non-finished particles, a large number of cracks  are generated, which improves the wearability of the material, and in  the further pulverization process, the grinding energy consumption can  be greatly reduced.

(3) Specifications, technical parameters


(4) Product picture


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