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JL type high efficiency cooler

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JL type high efficiency cooler

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Detailed introduction

(1) Product description

Since  2002, our company has developed and designed JL high-efficiency cooling  machine, which can be applied to building materials, chemical industry,  steel and other industries. Adopting  the unitized standard design, the air chamber adopts the air volume  automatic adjusting device, the boring machine is fixed, and the  material is controlled by the hydraulic drive system to control the  reciprocating motion of the pushing mechanism above the bed surface to  realize material transportation. Our  company has obtained eight patent technologies such as JL type  high-efficiency cooler ventilation device (ZL201220003405.7). JL-type  high-efficiency cooler has won the third prize of 2009 China Sinoma Cup  National Building Materials Industry Technology Development.

At  present, our company's JL-type high-efficiency cooler product  specifications can meet the equipment requirements of the new  dry-process cement production line with a daily output of 2,500 tons to  10,000 tons. In  the past ten years, our company has produced and sold more than 40  chillers, which are located in Hebei, Inner Mongolia, Shanxi, Shaanxi,  Gansu, Ningxia, Jilin, Liaoning, Hunan, Chongqing and Shandong.

Pre-assembly and commissioning

The  core part of the grate cooler and the hydraulic system are  pre-assembled and commissioned in the workshop before leaving the  factory. The workshop is equipped with a special hydraulic station for  trampoline debugging. The reciprocating mechanism of the push rod can be  adjusted after being adjusted to the design state.

(2) Product features:

The  utility model has the advantages of simple structure, stable and  reliable operation, low equipment failure point, simple equipment  installation, operation and maintenance, low maintenance cost and high  heat recovery rate. The  clinker with a high temperature of about 1400 °C is discharged from the  firing kiln head, and finally the material is cooled to a discharge  temperature of 65 ° C + ambient temperature, a crusher is arranged at  the tail of the trampoline, and the cooled material enters the crusher,  and the bulk material passes through the crusher. When  it is crushed, the material with a particle size of 25 mm or less is  quilted into the downstream equipment through the crusher.

(3) Specifications, technical parameters


(4) Product picture


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