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Cement mill

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Cement mill

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Detailed introduction

(1) Working principle

The  material enters the inside of the mill cylinder through the feeding  device and falls into the initial grinding position of the bin. When  the cylinder rotates, the grinding medium and the material are lifted  to a certain height with the friction and centrifugal force, and then  the concrete is thrown or slid down at a certain linear velocity, and  the material is subjected to falling steel balls. Impact  with bulk material, with additional crushing and abrasion between steel  balls and steel balls, between steel balls and mill liners, between  materials and materials, and between materials and steel balls and  liners And it was crushed. After the  material is crushed and ground through a warehouse, the particle size  becomes smaller. The smaller particles are transported to the next bin  through the screening and lifting action of the double compartments, and  continue to be ground by the smaller grinding media, which is slowed  down by the material pressure. Slowly flow to the discharge end. When  it reaches the discharge end, it has been ground to a very fine  particle size, and after screening of the discharge raft, the fine  powder of the qualified particle size is forcibly discharged from the  discharge slab to the next process.

(2) Specifications, technical parameters


(3) Product picture



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