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Drying raw mill

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Drying raw mill

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Detailed introduction

First, the product description

The  tube mill has one of the most common equipments in the grinding system  because of its large crushing ratio, strong grinding ability, strong  adaptability to materials and easy replacement of wear parts.

Second, the product category

1, drying raw material grinding

(1) Working principle

The  raw material enters the drying chamber of the mill through the feeding  device, and the hot gas from the kiln tail or the hot blast stove enters  the drying chamber through the air inlet pipe, and the material is  fully contacted with the hot air after being lifted by the lifting  plate, and the moisture in the material is taken away. Enter the roughing bin. The  material is lifted in the roughing bin and the stepped lining is broken  by the impact of the steel ball and continues to be dried by hot air. The material that has been crushed and grounded is smaller than the material of the unloading bin and enters the unloading bin.

(2) Specifications, technical parameters


(3)the product picture



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