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Crawler-type movable screening machine

Crawler-type movable screening machine

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  • Release date:2019/02/18
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Detailed introduction

(1) Product description

The  MFS model is a powerful mobile screening device with independent  intellectual property rights. It is ideal for processing materials in  the quarry, mining and recycling industries.

The  JFS series of three-axis elliptical horizontal vibrating screens, which  have been tested and proven to be technically stable and have high  screening efficiency, can produce a variety of materials of different  sizes to maximize the benefits. The  elliptical throwing trajectory of the vibrating screen can effectively  improve the performance of the screening device, avoid blocking, and  increase the output.

The  material transport belt adopts detachable unit structure, which is  extremely convenient for disassembly, assembly and maintenance. Each  lifting conveyor belt can adjust the lifting angle according to the  actual material condition, which greatly satisfies the production of  various fields and different materials.

(2) Product features

1.  The three-axis elliptical horizontal vibrating screen of the elliptical  throwing trajectory effectively avoids blockage of materials;

2. The unit structure greatly adapts to domestic transportation, assembly and disassembly is extremely simple and convenient;

3.  In addition to the crawler belt walking, there is no hydraulic system  and hydraulic cylinder design, which is convenient to use and maintain;

4. The base adopts a crawler-type all-steel ship structure with high strength;

5, with excellent climbing and moving performance;

6. Combine with mobile crushing equipment to form a mobile aggregate production system;

7. Adjust the lifting angle of the belt according to the actual material condition to maximize the clearing time.

(3) Specifications, technical parameters


(4) Product picture


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